Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is a consideration on every project. It is not simply a cost cutting exercise. It consists of a thoughtful and creative review of the project design to seek ways to provide additional value through consideration of alternate design concepts and methods and materials without sacrificing function or the integrity of the design intent.

Value Engineering can be introduced at any point in a project however, it is most effective and can offer the highest rate of return when engaged early, in the planning stage of the project. We (PCS) firmly believe that we provide the best overall construction value in the marketplace. When brought into a project in the conceptual or design development stage, the value that we provide to a project is enhanced significantly by engaging in VE review during the early stages of design development. When VE is applied early, the advantages include little impact (if any) on the design and/or engineering redesign cost and schedule. It also assures the client that all reasonable alternatives have been explored and that the owner will receive the best value over the life of his operation.